CT Strain Names

Do you need to know more about the Connecticut Strain Names?

In Connecticut, the naming of medicinal marijuana strains can get confusing, especially when the strain names are different from what everyone calls them.  When trying to understand your medicine, it’s best not to guess on the real strain names.  We’ve put together a database of the DCP approved strain names and matched it up to a strain names you may be more familiar with. This section is a work in progress and welcome all comments, questions and suggestions. Drop us a line: Dad(at)Dabbin-Dad.com

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Image Grower DCP Approved Names Strain Names Details
Cannabidiol A (CBD)AGLCannabidiol A (CBD)Harlequin Bx4 (Harlequin Bx4)Read More
Cannabidiol B (CBD)AGLCannabidiol B (CBD)Pennywise (Harlequin x Jack the Ripper)Read More
Cannabidiol C (CBD)AGLCannabidiol C (CBD)Green Mountain (Harlequin x Appalachia)Read More
Cannabidiol D (CBD)AGLCannabidiol D (CBD)Mountain Pass (Harlequin x Good Medicine)Read More
Cannabidiol E (CBD)AGLCannabidiol E (CBD)Boax (Otto #2 x Hindu Kush)Read More
Cannabidiol F (CBD)AGLCannabidiol F (CBD)Blue Dream x California Orange CBDRead More
Cannabidiol G (CBD)AGLCannabidiol G (CBD)Green Crack x California Orange CBDRead More
Cannabidiol H (CBD)AGLCannabidiol H (CBD)Super Lemon Haze x Ethos OGRead More
Cannabidiol I (CBD)AGLCannabidiol I (CBD)Canna-TsuRead More
Hybridol A (H)AGLHybridol A (H)Bear (Girl Scout Cookies x Ghost)Read More
Hybridol AB (H)AGLHybridol AB (H)Orangeaid (Tangie x Purple Punch F2)Read More
Hybridol AD (H)AGLHybridol AD (H)Afternoon Delight (GMO x Trophy Wife)Read More
Hybridol BC (H)AGLHybridol BC (H)Ice Cream Cake (Gelato 33 x Wedding Cake)Read More
Hybridol C (H)AGLHybridol C (H)Fluid (Flo x Ghost)Read More
Hybridol CTS (H)AGLHybridol CTS (H)Cactus OGRead More
Hybridol D (H)AGLHybridol D (H)Three Chems (Corey cut-Star Dawg x Onycd) formally Spirit (Ghost x Pakistani Chitral Kush)Read More
Hybridol DE (H)AGLHybridol DE (H)Miracle Alien Cookies (Alien Cookies x Colombian Gold x Star Fighter)Read More
Hybridol E (H)AGLHybridol E (H)Mojito (Limegerine x Orange Blossom)Read More
Hybridol EF (H)AGLHybridol EF (H)Ogee Triangle (Ogee Kush x TKBx3)Read More
Hybridol F (H)AGLHybridol F (H)Cookies and Cream (Girl Scout Cookies x Star Fighter)Read More
Hybridol FG (H)AGLHybridol FG (H)Apple Cobbler (Apple Fritter x Grape Pie)Read More
Hybridol G (H)AGLHybridol G (H)JJ Kush (Guava Star Dawg x The White)Read More
Hybridol GH (H)AGLHybridol GH (H)Fat Billy (GMO x Wilson)Read More
Hybridol H (H)AGLHybridol H (H)Hybrid (Blends of multiple hybrids)Read More
Hybridol HI (H)AGLHybridol HI (H)The SchwartzRead More
Hybridol I (H)AGLHybridol I (H)Fruity Pebbles (Dick's OG Kush x Ghost OG)Read More
Hybridol IJ (H)AGLHybridol IJ (H)Garlic Glue (GMO x Gorilla Glue #4)Read More
Hybridol J (H)AGLHybridol J (H)Do-lato (Gelato x Do-Si-Dos), Formally Black Bear MNH (Black Domina x Girl Scout Cookies)Read More
Hybridol JK (H)AGLHybridol JK (H)Lemon CookiesRead More
Hybridol K (H)AGLHybridol K (H)Sour Kush, Formally Grizzly (Girl Scout Cookie x Pakistani Chitral Kush)Read More
Hybridol KL (H)AGLHybridol KL (H)Dubble Glue (Sour Dubble x Gorilla Glue #4)Read More
Hybridol L (H)AGLHybridol L (H)LA KushRead More
Hybridol LM (H)AGLHybridol LM (H)Zack's Cake (Zack's Pie x Jungle Cake)Read More
Hybridol M (H)AGLHybridol M (H)Locktite (Gorilla Glue #4 x Mt. Ranier)Read More
Hybridol MN (H)AGLHybridol MN (H)Runtz Cake (Runtz x Patty Cake)Read More
Hybridol N (H)AGLHybridol N (H)Marmalade (Orange Apricot x Grape Pie)Read More
Hybridol NO (H)AGLHybridol NO (H)Apple Sherbert (NBK x Sunset Sherbert x Apple Sour)Read More
Hybridol O (H)AGLHybridol O (H)OG Diesel (OG Kush x Sour Diesel)Read More
Hybridol OP (H)AGLHybridol OP (H)Florida Strawberries (Strawberry Shortcake x TK Bx1)Read More
Hybridol P (H)AGLHybridol P (H)Slurricane (Do Si Do x Purple Punch)Read More
Hybridol PQ (H)AGLHybridol PQ (H)Sticky Papaya (Papaya x Motor Breath 15)Read More
Hybridol Q (H)AGLHybridol Q (H)OG Kush Breath (OG Kush x Durban Poison)Read More
Hybridol QR (H)AGLHybridol QR (H)Slapz (Runtz x Grease Monkey)Read More
Hybridol R (H)AGLHybridol R (H)Gorilla Glue #4 S1 (Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel)Read More
Hybridol RS (H)AGLHybridol RS (H)Endless SummerRead More
Hybridol S (H)AGLHybridol S (H)Animal Sweat (Animal Cookies x Sweat Band)Read More
Hybridol ST (H)AGLHybridol ST (H)Sour D x Lemon Pound CakeRead More
Hybridol T (H)AGLHybridol T (H)Florida Cake (Triangle Kush x Wedding Cake)Read More
Hybridol TU (H)AGLHybridol TU (H)GG4 x GG4Read More
Hybridol U (H)AGLHybridol U (H)Blueberry Shortcake (DJ Shorts Blueberry x Grape Pie)Read More
Hybridol V (H)AGLHybridol V (H)TK Bubba (Triangle Kush x Bubba Kush)Read More
Hybridol VW (H)AGLHybridol VW (H)MascarponeRead More
Hybridol W (H)AGLHybridol W (H)White Fire Wedding (WiFi x Wedding Cake)Read More
Hybridol X (H)AGLHybridol X (H)Creamsicle (Orange Cookies x Wedding Cake)Read More
Hybridol XY (H)AGLHybridol XY (H)Sour Power OG (Karma's Biker Kush x Sour Power)Read More
Hybridol Y (H)AGLHybridol Y (H)Tropicana (Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie)Read More
Hybridol Z (H)AGLHybridol Z (H)Watermelon Zkittlez (Watermelon Zum Zum #3 x OG Eddy)Read More
Indicol A (I)AGLIndicol A (I)Mailman (Afgooey x Ghost)Read More
Indicol AB (I)AGLIndicol AB (I)Wedding Cake x Animal Mints F1Read More
Indicol AC (I)AGLIndicol AC (I)Triangle Canyon (Triangle Kush x Topanga Canyon)Read More
Indicol B (I)AGLIndicol B (I)P Chem (Chem 4 x Pakistani Chitral Kush)Read More
Indicol BBF (I)AGLIndicol BBF (I)Bubba FettRead More
Indicol BC (I)AGLIndicol BC (I)Sunset Sherbert (Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties)Read More
Indicol BD (I)AGLIndicol BD (I)Black Afghan (Black Domina x Afghan Kush)Read More
Indicol BFO (I)AGLIndicol BFO (I)Blue Flame OGRead More
Indicol BSC (I)AGLIndicol BSC (I)Brownie ScoutRead More
Indicol C (I)AGLIndicol C (I)Banana OG (Banana OG x Cookies & Cream)Read More
Indicol CD (I)AGLIndicol CD (I)Kush Mints (Animal Mints x Pre-98 Bubba Kush Bx1)Read More
Indicol CE (I)AGLIndicol CE (I)Purple Punch (Grandd Daddy Purple x Larry OG)Read More
Indicol CSKAGLIndicol CSKCasino Kush (White Walker x Blue Flame #29)Read More
Indicol D (I)AGLIndicol D (I)Black Shadow (Black Domina x Ghost)Read More
Indicol DE (I)AGLIndicol DE (I)Hasidic Grapes (Kosher Kush x Grape Pie)Read More
Indicol DF (I)AGLIndicol DF (I)Endless Summer (Sunsert Sherbert x G41)Read More
Indicol DOS (I)AGLIndicol DOS (I)DosidoRead More
Indicol E (I)AGLIndicol E (I)Head cracker (Tres dawg x tre og) formally Blueblood (OG Kush x Blueberry)Read More
Indicol EF (I)AGLIndicol EF (I)Papaya (Mango x Afgahni)Read More
Indicol F (I)AGLIndicol F (I)Kayas Koffie (Alien Rift x Alien OG) formally Spring Break (1992 Florida x Ghost)Read More
Indicol FG (I)AGLIndicol FG (I)Animal Face (Face Off OG x Animal Mints)Read More
Indicol FH (I)AGLIndicol FH (I)Grease MonkeyRead More
Indicol FRC (I)AGLIndicol FRC (I)Fruitcake (Sherbet Dreams x Cherry Pie)Read More
Indicol GI (I)AGLIndicol GI (I)DaywreckerRead More
Indicol GZ (I)AGLIndicol GZ (I)Goji OZ (Za x Goji OG)Read More
Indicol H (I)AGLIndicol H (I)Starkiller (Skywalker OG Kush x RD #2)Read More
Indicol HI (I)AGLIndicol HI (I)Purple Punchcicle (Purple Punch Back Cross)Read More
Indicol HJ (I)AGLIndicol HJ (I)The Stunner (SFV x Triangle Kush) x Gelato 1Read More
Indicol I (I)AGLIndicol I (I)Chocolate Covered Strawberries ( Fire Alien Black x Starfighter F2)Read More
Indicol IJ (I)AGLIndicol IJ (I)Cherry Ice (Cherry AK-47 x Kush Mints)Read More
Indicol IK (I)AGLIndicol IK (I)Night Cap (Sunset Sherbet x Gelato 41)Read More
Indicol J (I)AGLIndicol J (I)Alien Rift ( Alien Abduction x Alien Dog x Alien OG)Read More
Indicol JK (I)AGLIndicol JK (I)LA Kush Cake (Kush Mints x Wedding Cake)Read More
Indicol JL (I)AGLIndicol JL (I)Mandarin Mintz (Thin Mint Cookies x Orange Crush)Read More
Indicol K (I)AGLIndicol K (I)Rainbow Cookies (Sherbert x Animal Cookies)Read More
Indicol KK (I)AGLIndicol KK (I)Kosher Kush (SFV OG x OG Kush)Read More
Indicol KL (I)AGLIndicol KL (I)Bear Claw (Apple Fritter x Triangle Mints 63)Read More
Indicol KM (I)AGLIndicol KM (I)Kush Mountains (White Walker x Blue Frame #4)Read More
Indicol L (I)AGLIndicol L (I)Grandy Daddy Purple (Purple Urkle x Big Bud)Read More
Indicol M (I)AGLIndicol M (I)Lemon OG Kush (Lemon Skunk x The OG #18)Read More
Indicol MN (I)AGLIndicol MN (I)Gorilla Face (Gorilla Glue #4 x Face Off OG)Read More
Indicol MO (I)AGLIndicol MO (I)Cookie Face (GSC x Do-Si-Do)Read More
Indicol N (I)AGLIndicol N (I)Green Crack Formerly Scotts OG (Triangle Kush x RD #1)Read More
Indicol NO (I)AGLIndicol NO (I)Hidden Pastry (Secret Cookies x Kush Mints)Read More
Indicol O (I)AGLIndicol O (I)OG Kush formerly Kimbo Kush (Blackberry Kush x Starfighter F2)Read More
Indicol OP (I)AGLIndicol OP (I)Punch Cookies (PCG Cookies x Purple Punch)Read More
Indicol OQ (I)AGLIndicol OQ (I)Corpse Plant (Headbanger x The Menthol)Read More
Indicol P (I)AGLIndicol P (I)Pie Hoe (Tahoe OG x Grape Pie) formally Kosher Kush (Kosher Kush)Read More
Indicol PQ (I)AGLIndicol PQ (I)Plum Crazy S1 (Plum Crazy x Plum Crazy)Read More
Indicol PR (I)AGLIndicol PR (I)BRZRKR (Lime Kush x TK Bx)Read More
Indicol Q (I)AGLIndicol Q (I)Nicole Kush (MK Ultra x Blueberry x Shishkaberry) x Kosher KushRead More
Indicol QR (I)AGLIndicol QR (I)Jungle JuiceRead More
Indicol QS (I)AGLIndicol QS (I)Midnight OilRead More
Indicol R (I)AGLIndicol R (I)Shiva Skunk (Northern Lights #5 x Skunk #1)Read More
Indicol RS (I)AGLIndicol RS (I)Kong (GG4 x Chem Dawg)Read More
Indicol S (I)AGLIndicol S (I)LSD (Mazar I Sharif x Skunk #1)Read More
Indicol ST (I)AGLIndicol ST (I)Best Kept Secret (Girl Scout Cookies x G13)Read More
Indicol T (I)AGLIndicol T (I)Cherry Cream Pie (Cherry Pie x Cookies and Cream)Read More
Indicol TU (I)AGLIndicol TU (I)Baked AlaskaRead More
Indicol U (I)AGLIndicol U (I)Skunk OG (UK Cheese x Tres OG)Read More
Indicol UV (I)AGLIndicol UV (I)Dark Crystal (Black Domina x Gorilla Glue #4)Read More
Indicol V (I)AGLIndicol V (I)Purple Vapor (Grand Daddy Purple x Grandpa's Breath)Read More
Indicol VW (I)AGLIndicol VW (I)Skid Row (LA Kush x Gorilla Glue #4)Read More
Indicol W (I)AGLIndicol W (I)Mendo Breath (OGKB x Mendo Montage)Read More
Indicol WX (I)AGLIndicol WX (I)Zoo Glue (09 Animal Cookies x Purple Punch x Gorilla Glue #4)Read More
Indicol X (I)AGLIndicol X (I)Extreme Cream (Extreme OG x Cookies and Cream)Read More
Indicol XY (I)AGLIndicol XY (I)Chem X (C4 x Gorilla Glue #4)Read More
Indicol Y (I)AGLIndicol Y (I)Original New York City Diesel (Chem 91 x Tres Dawg)Read More
Indicol YZ (I)AGLIndicol YZ (I)Biscotti Ice (Biscotti Menthol x Wilson)Read More
Indicol Z (I)AGLIndicol Z (I)Tri Octane (Triangle Kush BX x High Octane)Read More
Indicol ZA (I)AGLIndicol ZA (I)Zafari (Za #3 x Motorbreath 15)Read More
Sativarin A (S)AGLSativarin A (S)Tang (Tang Haze x Ghost)Read More
Sativarin AB (S)AGLSativarin AB (S)L'Orange (Oregon Lemon x Orange Crush)Read More
Sativarin AK (S)AGLSativarin AK (S)AK 47Read More
Sativarin B (S)AGLSativarin B (S)Shagg (Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze x Ghost)Read More
Sativarin BC (S)AGLSativarin BC (S)Day Glow (Agent Orange x Slimer OG)Read More
Sativarin C (S)AGLSativarin C (S)Sleestack (Schrom x Martian Mean Green)Read More
Sativarin CD (S)AGLSativarin CD (S)Jack Herrer (Northern Lights #5 x Shiva Skunk)Read More
Sativarin DE (S)AGLSativarin DE (S)Goji OGRead More
Sativarin D (S)AGLSativarin D (S)Blue Dream (Blueberry x Haze)Read More
Sativarin EF (S)AGLSativarin EF (S)Grapefruit GasRead More
Sativarin E (S)AGLSativarin E (S)Gorilla Dosha (Gorilla Glue #4 x Do-Si-Dos) formally Mama Tai (Land Race x Sativa)Read More
Sativarin F (S)AGLSativarin F (S)Gorilla Glue (Gorilla Glue #4 x Tom Hills Haze)Read More
Sativarin G (S)AGLSativarin G (S)Trainwreck (Mexican x Thai x Afghani)Read More
Sativarin GH (S)AGLSativarin GH (S)Island VibesRead More
Sativarin H (S)AGLSativarin H (S)Tangerine Ghost Train Haze (Tangerine x Ghost Train Haze)Read More
Sativarin HI (S)AGLSativarin HI (S)Flolato (Flo x Gelato 1)Read More
Sativarin I (S)AGLSativarin I (S)Citrus Sap (Gorilla Glue #4 x Tangerine)Read More
Sativarin J (S)AGLSativarin J (S)OGiesel (OG KUSH x SOUR DIESEL)Read More
Sativarin K (S)AGLSativarin K (S)Chem Tang (Chem4 x Tangerine Haze)Read More
Sativarin L (S)AGLSativarin L (S)Kaushnikov (AK47 x Kali Sativa)Read More
Sativarin LM (S)AGLSativarin LM (S)Love Affair (GG4 x Alien Rock Candy)Read More
Sativarin M (S)AGLSativarin M (S)Grape Head (Lemon Jack x Grape Pie)Read More
Sativarin N (S)AGLSativarin N (S)Strawberry Banana (Strawberry Haze x Banana OG)Read More
Sativarin P (S)AGLSativarin P (S)Circus Peanut (Tangilope x Cookie Crisp)Read More
Sativarin Q (S)AGLSativarin Q (S)Amnesia BxRead More
Sativarin R (S)AGLSativarin R (S)Rebel Sour (ECSD x Double OG Sour x Star Fighter)Read More
Sativarin S (S)AGLSativarin S (S)East Coast Sour Diesel (SFV OG x Chemdawg)Read More
Sativarin SD (S)AGLSativarin SD (S)Sour DieselRead More
Sativarin STL (S)AGLSativarin STL (S)Strawberry Lemonade (Lemon OG x Strawberry Cough)Read More
Sativarin T (S)AGLSativarin T (S)Tina Danza (Triangle Kush x Georgia Pine)Read More
Sativarin TW (S)AGLSativarin TW (S)Train WreckRead More
Sativarin U (S)AGLSativarin U (S)Bazooka Breath (Screamin Bugglegum Haze x Gorilla Glue #4)Read More
Sativarin V (S)AGLSativarin V (S)Scottie Piffen (GG4 x Super Silver Haze)Read More
Sativarin W (S)AGLSativarin W (S)White Durban (The White 'Krome's Cut' x Durban Poison)Read More
Sativarin X (S)AGLSativarin X (S)Rezziano (Cheese Wheel x Gorilla Glue #4)Read More
Sativarin Y (S)AGLSativarin Y (S)Trop Sour BxRead More
Sativarin Z (S)AGLSativarin Z (S)South African Skunk (African Haze x AJ Sour Diesel)Read More
Acerbadex (S)CPSAcerbadex (S)Lemon Cherry Pie (Lemon Cherry Gelato x Georgia Pie)Read More
Agriovex (I)CPSAgriovex (I)Sour BubbleRead More
Airadex (H)CPSAiradex (H)Motorbreath x HeadbandRead More
Albivex (I)CPSAlbivex (I)White Tangie HazeRead More
Albroven (S)CPSAlbroven (S)Durban Poison x Creme De La ChemRead More
Ananaden (I)CPSAnanaden (I)Pineapple Upside Down CakeRead More
Androven (H)CPSAndroven (H)White Tangie Haze x Critical Cheese x Seattle Sour Kush x Gorilla BombRead More
Angelavec (I)CPSAngelavec (I)LA Kush CakeRead More
Appakan (H)CPSAppakan (H)Sour AppleRead More
Aracnadex (H)CPSAracnadex (H)White WidowRead More
Asiavec (I)CPSAsiavec (I)AfghaniRead More
Astredex (I)CPSAstredex (I)Space Guavaz (Space Runtz x GuavaZ)Read More
Auralex (H)CPSAuralex (H)Wedding CakeRead More
Azucaden (S)CPSAzucaden (S)SugareeRead More
Azulano (H)CPSAzulano (H)Blue SherbetRead More
Baccaden (H)CPSBaccaden (H)Strawberry GuavaRead More
Banavec (H)CPSBanavec (H)Banana MuffinRead More
Bandolyn (H)CPSBandolyn (H)Headband x Creme de la ChemRead More
Bandubex (H)CPSBandubex (H)Headband x Sour DubbRead More
Bayavec (H)CPSBayavec (H)Peach RingsRead More
Bezovex (I)CPSBezovex (I)Rare Dankness x Georgia PieRead More
Biscotex (I)CPSBiscotex (I)Guava CookiesRead More
Blancavec (H)CPSBlancavec (H)White RuntzRead More
Blueberen (H)CPSBlueberen (H)Blueberry CheesecakeRead More
Borealex (I)CPSBorealex (I)Northern LightsRead More
Byrdolan (H)CPSByrdolan (H)GelatoRead More
Cafetec (H)CPSCafetec (H)Frappe OutRead More
Calavec (I)CPSCalavec (I)Cold Creek Kush (MK Ultra x Chemdawg 91)Read More
Caleten (S)CPSCaleten (S)Apollo 13Read More
Caliaven (I)CPSCaliaven (I)Fire OGRead More
Cannaden (I)CPSCannaden (I)Rugburn OGRead More
Cassivex (H)CPSCassivex (H)Lemon Skunk x Star Killer x Wedding CakeRead More
Cativen (S)CPSCativen (S)Silver HazeRead More
Cecavec (H)CPSCecavec (H)East Coast MojitoRead More
Cerezaden (S)CPSCerezaden (S)Cherry Alien DawgRead More
Cerezavec (S)CPSCerezavec (S)Cherry PunchRead More
Chiccolex (H)CPSChiccolex (H)Member BerryRead More
Citrivex (H)CPSCitrivex (H)Lemon GarlicRead More
Cobbladex (I)CPSCobbladex (I)Georgia PieRead More
Cohebex (S)CPSCohebex (S)CohibaRead More
Corlein (S)CPSCorlein (S)Chemdawg 91 x UrkleRead More
Corleovex (H)CPSCorleovex (H)Godfather OGRead More
Cornelix (H)CPSCornelix (H)Planet of the GrapesRead More
Costavex (I)CPSCostavex (I)Malibu KushRead More
Coupaden (H)CPSCoupaden (H)Double ShotRead More
Crepelex (I)CPSCrepelex (I)Pancake StomperRead More
Crimaden (H)CPSCrimaden (H)OG Kush Breath (OG Kush x Durban Poison)Read More
Cruvaden (I)CPSCruvaden (I)Grapes and CreamRead More
Culpaden (S)CPSCulpaden (S)Moonshine Haze x Jack the RipperRead More
Cuplavec (I)CPSCuplavec (I)Cotton CandyRead More
Cynginx (H)CPSCynginx (H)Cinderella 99 (Jack Herer x Shiva Skunk)Read More
Daggivex (H)CPSDaggivex (H)Nigerian Haze x Black Piff x Cereal MilkRead More
Decavec (I)CPSDecavec (I)Nicole KushRead More
Delatavec (S)CPSDelatavec (S)Nigerian Haze x Black PiffRead More
Depacan (S)CPSDepacan (S)Dark Shadow HazeRead More
Desalex (S)CPSDesalex (S)Aj's Sour DieselRead More
Detonex (S)CPSDetonex (S)Gorilla Bomb (Gorilla Glue #4 x THC Bomb)Read More
Dharmadex (I)CPSDharmadex (I)Hindu KushRead More
Dillindex (H)CPSDillindex (H)Sugaree x Cherry Pie x Space GuavazRead More
Dillivec (H)CPSDillivec (H)Starkiller x Death Star x Orange CreamsicleRead More
Dolceden (H)CPSDolceden (H)Girl Scout Cookies x Cookie Pebbles x Gelato x Wedding CakeRead More
Dollidex (S)CPSDollidex (S)Lemon Skunk x Nigerian HazeRead More
Donavec (I)CPSDonavec (I)Donny BurgerRead More
Dormaden (I)CPSDormaden (I)Hindu Kush x Burmese KushRead More
Dosidex (I)CPSDosidex (I)Girl Scout Cookies x Creme de la ChemRead More
Dosilatex (I)CPSDosilatex (I)DosilatoRead More
Drogadon (H)CPSDrogadon (H)Juicy Fruit x GDP x Lemon SkunkRead More
Dubavex (I)CPSDubavex (I)Purple Punch x Sour DubRead More
Dulcevex (I)CPSDulcevex (I)Gush MintsRead More
Durbanex (S)CPSDurbanex (S)Durban PoisonRead More
Electrivec (S)CPSElectrivec (S)Electric MimosaRead More
Elevadon (I)CPSElevadon (I)Moon BreathRead More
Emperidex (S)CPSEmperidex (S)Jack HererRead More
Enormaden (I)CPSEnormaden (I)Big BudRead More
Equidex (CBD)CPSEquidex (CBD)ACDCRead More
Erledex (I)CPSErledex (I)Triangle Kush x OG KushRead More
Espiraven (I)CPSEspiraven (I)Honey BearRead More
Estevec (H)CPSEstevec (H)East Coast BlueberryRead More
Falcoden (I)CPSFalcoden (I)TomahawkRead More
Familiden (H)CPSFamiliden (H)Hindu Kush x Lemon Skunk x Rare DanknessRead More
Fantadex (S)CPSFantadex (S)TangilopeRead More
Fersek (S)CPSFersek (S)Cookie PebblesRead More
Fioraden A (I)CPSFioraden A (I)StarkillerRead More
Fioraden B (S)CPSFioraden B (S)Ghost Train HazeRead More
Fioraden C (I)CPSFioraden C (I)Hashplant (Formerly - G 13 '88 Hash Plant x Starkiller)Read More
Fioraden D (I)CPSFioraden D (I)Burmese KushRead More
Fioraleve A (CBD)CPSFioraleve A (CBD)Canna-TsuRead More
Fioraleve B (CBD)CPSFioraleve B (CBD)RingoRead More
Fioralex (H)CPSFioralex (H)Lemon Skunk x StarkillerRead More
Fondulex (I)CPSFondulex (I)Lava CakeRead More
Forbuden (I)CPSForbuden (I)Forbidden FruitRead More
Formadex (I)CPSFormadex (I)Triangle Kush x I95 x Burmese KushRead More
Forzavin (I)CPSForzavin (I)Forza Hash PlantRead More
Fraiseden (I)CPSFraiseden (I)Strawberry ShortcakeRead More
Fresaden (S)CPSFresaden (S)Guava CoolerRead More
Fresalyn (S)CPSFresalyn (S)Fresh PowderRead More
Frittalex (H)CPSFrittalex (H)Jelly PancakesRead More
Frutaden (H)CPSFrutaden (H)Papaya Strawberry GuavaRead More
Frutalex (H)CPSFrutalex (H)Forbidden ZkittlezRead More
Fulliven (I)CPSFulliven (I)Full MeltRead More
Fusiavec (H)CPSFusiavec (H)Rare Dankness x Headband x Ice Cream CandyRead More
Fusiden (H)CPSFusiden (H)Blue Dream x East Coast Sour Diesel x Lemon Garlic x Gorilla BombRead More
Galaxiaden (I)CPSGalaxiaden (I)Space MonsterRead More
Galledex (I)CPSGalledex (I)Cookies KushRead More
Garciaven (S)CPSGarciaven (S)Casey JonesRead More
Geladex (S)CPSGeladex (S)GelonadeRead More
Gelatoven (H)CPSGelatoven (H)Jet Fuel GelatoRead More
Geniven (H)CPSGeniven (H)Ethos CookiesRead More
Glaceden (I)CPSGlaceden (I)Purple Ice WaterRead More
Goudaven (H)CPSGoudaven (H)Critical CheeseRead More
Granimalex (H)CPSGranimalex (H)Animal CookiesRead More
Grapano (I)CPSGrapano (I)Grape GasolineRead More
Grapeden (I)CPSGrapeden (I)Grape Cream Cake (Wedding Crasher x Grape Pie) x Ice Cream CakeRead More
Gretolex (S)CPSGretolex (S)Green CrackRead More
Grutalex (I)CPSGrutalex (I)BerryliciousRead More
Guaiven (H)CPSGuaiven (H)Guava JamRead More
Hamali (S)CPSHamali (S)HawaiianRead More
Hazevec (H)CPSHazevec (H)Hazy GirlRead More
Hielodex (S)CPSHielodex (S)Orange CreamsicleRead More
Hoffaden (H)CPSHoffaden (H)Guava OGRead More
Huladen (H)CPSHuladen (H)Starkiller x Grandy Daddy PurpleRead More
Hybican (I)CPSHybican (I)Scott’s OG (Triangle Kush x Rare Dankness #1)Read More
Hybraden (H)CPSHybraden (H)Peanut Butter Breath x Kush BerryRead More
Icarilex (S)CPSIcarilex (S)Moby DickRead More
Indica # 1 (I)CPSIndica # 1 (I)Burmese Kush x I95Read More
Jamaden (H)CPSJamaden (H)Guava JamRead More
Javaden (I)CPSJavaden (I)Coffee CreamerRead More
Jeemodex (I)CPSJeemodex (I)GMO CookiesRead More
Jellivex (H)CPSJellivex (H)Guava CasquitosRead More
Joyavec (H)CPSJoyavec (H)Family JewelsRead More
Jugovex (I)CPSJugovex (I)Blue MoonshineRead More
Juiceden (H)CPSJuiceden (H)Juicy FruitRead More
Kaiaven (H)CPSKaiaven (H)Kaia Kush (Super Silver Haze x OG Kush)Read More
Kandalex (I)CPSKandalex (I)Triangle KushRead More
Kylix (I)CPSKylix (I)Critical MassRead More
Lagovex (H)CPSLagovex (H)Pure Michigan (Oreoz X Mendo Breath)Read More
Lapinex (H)CPSLapinex (H)Honey BooRead More
Lattevex (H)CPSLattevex (H)Cookies n ChemRead More
Lechelex (S)CPSLechelex (S)Cereal MilkRead More
Leopadex (I)CPSLeopadex (I)Cheetah CakeRead More
Lexikan (S)CPSLexikan (S)Lemon SkunkRead More
Lilavex (I)CPSLilavex (I)Grand Daddy Purple x Chem 4Read More
Limonaden (S)CPSLimonaden (S)Lemon CakeRead More
Limunex (S)CPSLimunex (S)Lemon Skunk x TomahawkRead More
Loragen (S)CPSLoragen (S)J-Lo (Kentish Cream × Flo)Read More
Lunadiene (S)CPSLunadiene (S)Moonshine HazeRead More
Lunaven (I)CPSLunaven (I)Star Killer x Death StarRead More
Lustraden (H)CPSLustraden (H)Gold LeafRead More
Mackaven (H)CPSMackaven (H)MAC1 (Alien Cookies x Miracle 15)Read More
Mambadex (I)CPSMambadex (I)MambasRead More
Mantevec (H)CPSMantevec (H)Peanut Butter BreathRead More
Manzaden (I)CPSManzaden (I)Apple OutRead More
Marmaden (H)CPSMarmaden (H)Apple FritterRead More
Mazevec (S)CPSMazevec (S)Minty HazeRead More
Melenax (H)CPSMelenax (H)Lion's ManeRead More
Mentavec (I)CPSMentavec (I)Kush MintsRead More
Mieleden (H)CPSMieleden (H)Honey BunnyRead More
Millenidex (H)CPSMillenidex (H)Han Solo Burger (GMO Cookies x Larry OG)Read More
Miscelax (I)CPSMiscelax (I)Canna Tsu x Forbidden FruitRead More
Modivec (H)CPSModivec (H)Modified GrapesRead More
Mollevec (H)CPSMollevec (H)MelonbredRead More
Moltevec (I)CPSMoltevec (I)White Fire Alien KushRead More
Montavec (H)CPSMontavec (H)Tropsanto x Grape Cream Cake x Trop CookiesRead More
Moradoven (I)CPSMoradoven (I)Steve UrkelRead More
Mortiven (S)CPSMortiven (S)Jack the RipperRead More
Muffitex (I)CPSMuffitex (I)Banana OGRead More
Naranaden (H)CPSNaranaden (H)Tropicana CookiesRead More
Neravec (I)CPSNeravec (I)Black ChemRead More
Nochelex (I)CPSNochelex (I)Moon BerryRead More
Noiradex (I)CPSNoiradex (I)Black MambaRead More
Novadex (H)CPSNovadex (H)Space MintzRead More
Novalex (H)CPSNovalex (H)Northern Lights x Blue DreamRead More
Nuvaden (I)CPSNuvaden (I)Cherry on TopRead More
Obakan (H)CPSObakan (H)Gorilla Glue x Lemon SkunkRead More
Obalex (H)CPSObalex (H)Gorilla GlueRead More
Obledex (I)CPSObledex (I)OreozRead More
Ochovec (S)CPSOchovec (S)Str8 LemonadeRead More
Ojovec (I)CPSOjovec (I)Pie EyedRead More
Oranzadex (I)CPSOranzadex (I)Orange ApricotRead More
Otroven (S)CPSOtroven (S)Durban PoisonRead More
Pacifican (I)CPSPacifican (I)Pacific BlueRead More
Pallivan (H)CPSPallivan (H)Papaya CakeRead More
Panaden (S)CPSPanaden (S)Panama RedRead More
Pasteladen (I)CPSPasteladen (I)Punch CookiesRead More
Paytonex (H)CPSPaytonex (H)Gary PaytonRead More
Pedalex (H)CPSPedalex (H)Fuzz PedalRead More
Perraden (H)CPSPerraden (H)Dogwalk OGRead More
Perraven (S)CPSPerraven (S)Sour DawgRead More
Petrolen (S)CPSPetrolen (S)East Coast Sour DieselRead More
Pinaden (H)CPSPinaden (H)Pineapple ExpressRead More
Piracol (I)CPSPiracol (I)Triangle Kush x Creme De La ChemRead More
Plantanex (H)CPSPlantanex (H)Banana DosidosRead More
Playacin (I)CPSPlayacin (I)Pacific Blue x Star KillerRead More
Pomiken (I)CPSPomiken (I)San Fernando Vally OG KushRead More
Poncheden (I)CPSPoncheden (I)Purple PunchRead More
Postreden (I)CPSPostreden (I)Sour BiscottiRead More
Primadex (H)CPSPrimadex (H)Gorilla Bomb x Gorilla Glue x Gorilla White TangieRead More
Primavex (H)CPSPrimavex (H)Gorilla Glue x Pineapple ExpressRead More
Pugnoden (I)CPSPugnoden (I)Grape SkunkRead More
Purpalex (I)CPSPurpalex (I)Grand Daddy PurpleRead More
Puzzolex (S)CPSPuzzolex (S)Mass Super SkunkRead More
Quesovec (S)CPSQuesovec (S)Lemon CakeRead More
Raisavec (I)CPSRaisavec (I)Gorilla GrapesRead More
Rariden (I)CPSRariden (I)Rare DanknessRead More
Recidra (H)CPSRecidra (H)LSD (Mazar I Sharif x Skunk #1)Read More
Reyavec (S)CPSReyavec (S)Three KingsRead More
Rickavex (H)CPSRickavex (H)Grape Lime RickyRead More
Riiskadex (I)CPSRiiskadex (I)G-13Read More
Rivalex (H)CPSRivalex (H)Burmese Kush x Lemon Skunk x Star KillerRead More
Roccaden (S)CPSRoccaden (S)Cookie Pebbles x Fruit PunchRead More
Rojovec (S)CPSRojovec (S)Red PepperzRead More
Romeodex (H)CPSRomeodex (H)Lemon Skunk x Coal Creek Kush x Grand Daddy PurpRead More
Romulex (H)CPSRomulex (H)Grapefruit RomulanRead More
Rosavec (H)CPSRosavec (H)Pink RuntzRead More
Rubidex (S)CPSRubidex (S)Strawberry CoughRead More
Ruvadex (H)CPSRuvadex (H)Str8 Lemonade x Rare Dankness x Pancake StomperRead More
Sabrolex (I)CPSSabrolex (I)Tasty JaneRead More
Saliden (H)CPSSaliden (H)MotorbreathRead More
Sandiavec (S)CPSSandiavec (S)Watermelon Shortcook (Watermelon Zittles x Cookies)Read More
Sansadex (S)CPSSansadex (S)Sour Sans SouciRead More
Santogen (S)CPSSantogen (S)Lemon Skunk x Blueberry OG x MazarRead More
Satavem (H)CPSSatavem (H)Cinderella 99 (Jack Herer x Shiva Skunk)Read More
Saturovex (H)CPSSaturovex (H)Gorilla White Tangie (GG4 x White Tangie Haze)Read More
Sauvadex (S)CPSSauvadex (S)Wild ThailandRead More
Scoopaden (I)CPSScoopaden (I)Ice Cream CandyRead More
Scussalex (H)CPSScussalex (H)Lemon Skunk x Motor BreathRead More
Sejican (I)CPSSejican (I)Grape KushRead More
Seraden (I)CPSSeraden (I)Scott’s OGRead More
Seranoven (S)CPSSeranoven (S)Red PepperzRead More
Shookaven (H)CPSShookaven (H)AC DosiRead More
Siegelex (H)CPSSiegelex (H)OG DieselRead More
Skitavex (I)CPSSkitavex (I)ZkittlezRead More
Skyleve (I)CPSSkyleve (I)Rhino x Starkiller x Hash PlantRead More
Slurbeven (H)CPSSlurbeven (H)Deluxe SlurbertRead More
Smoothikan (H)CPSSmoothikan (H)Strawberry Banana x PapayaRead More
Solex (I)CPSSolex (I)Blueberry x Starkiller x Hash PlantRead More
Sombravex (I)CPSSombravex (I)Ghost OGRead More
Somnidex (S)CPSSomnidex (S)Blue Dream (Blueberry x Haze)Read More
Sonder (S)CPSSonder (S)East Coast Sour DieselRead More
Sorvetalex (H)CPSSorvetalex (H)Lemon GelatoRead More
Sourvex (H)CPSSourvex (H)Aj's Sour Diesel x Black White WidowRead More
Sparkaden (S)CPSSparkaden (S)Nigerian Haze x Black PiffRead More
Spearaven (S)CPSSpearaven (S)Kosher KushRead More
Splashadex (H)CPSSplashadex (H)Guava Cooler x Banana Do-Si-DosRead More
Spritzaven (H)CPSSpritzaven (H)OrangeadeRead More
Stelladen (I)CPSStelladen (I)Star BerryRead More
Stelladex (I)CPSStelladex (I)Starkiller x Creme de la ChemRead More
Stellavec (H)CPSStellavec (H)Bussin'Read More
Stickaven (H)CPSStickaven (H)Sticky GrapesRead More
Stilletovex (I)CPSStilletovex (I)Dolly DaggerRead More
Stompedex (I)CPSStompedex (I)Apricot StomperRead More
Stormaden (I)CPSStormaden (I)Divine StormRead More
Sucreden (I)CPSSucreden (I)ZkittlesRead More
Sucrevec (H)CPSSucrevec (H)GelattiRead More
Suenolex (H)CPSSuenolex (H)GDP x Lemon Skunk x Blueberry CheesecakeRead More
Superex (I)CPSSuperex (I)Super SkunkRead More
Suprakan (I)CPSSuprakan (I)Super SkunkRead More
Surbanex (S)CPSSurbanex (S)Durban DreamRead More
Sylacan (I)CPSSylacan (I)SnowballRead More
Talligen (H)CPSTalligen (H)Lemon Ringo StarHash (Lemon Skunk x Ringo x Star Killer x Hash Plant)Read More
Tangilex (S)CPSTangilex (S)Tangerine Kush x Lemon SkunkRead More
Tarrganex (S)CPSTarrganex (S)Dragon OGRead More
Tartaden (H)CPSTartaden (H)Grape PieRead More
Tartilex (H)CPSTartilex (H)Lemon RuntzRead More
Tauradene (S)CPSTauradene (S)TrainwreckRead More
Tegecan (H)CPSTegecan (H)Girl Scout CookieRead More
Tejerex (I)CPSTejerex (I)SFV x GMORead More
Tetraden (S)CPSTetraden (S)Seattle Sour KushRead More
Tomaken (I)CPSTomaken (I)Tomahawk x Creme de la ChemRead More
Tortaden (H)CPSTortaden (H)Seattle Sour Cake (Seattle Sour Kush x Wedding Cake)Read More
Tortitex (I)CPSTortitex (I)Ice Cream CakeRead More
Trahebex (S)CPSTrahebex (S)Trainwreck OG x Creme de la ChemRead More
Trevadex (H)CPSTrevadex (H)Lemon Garlic X RingoRead More
Tribiken (S)CPSTribiken (S)Tres StardawgRead More
Trillavex (S)CPSTrillavex (S)Triangle Mints (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints)Read More
Troopakan (I)CPSTroopakan (I)Do-si-doRead More
Tropex (H)CPSTropex (H)TropsantoRead More
Tropheden (H)CPSTropheden (H)Rare Dankness x Lemon Skunk x Pancake StomperRead More
Tulsavec (I)CPSTulsavec (I)Sweet AppleRead More
Tussaden (S)CPSTussaden (S)Strawberry CoughRead More
Tussikan (H)CPSTussikan (H)Strawberry Cough x Ice Cream CandyRead More
Unidex (H)CPSUnidex (H)Tomahawk x Gelato x Wedding Cake x Girl Scout CookiesRead More
Unigen (I)CPSUnigen (I)G13 Hash Plant x Scott's OGRead More
Uvaden (H)CPSUvaden (H)Grape OctaneRead More
Valiovec (I)CPSValiovec (I)Platinum KushRead More
Venomex (S)CPSVenomex (S)Durban PoisonRead More
Voyodex (H)CPSVoyodex (H)OG Kush x Lemon SkunkRead More
Warrantex (H)CPSWarrantex (H)Cherry PieRead More
Wilmakan (I)CPSWilmakan (I)Fruity PebblesRead More
Wyndeven (H)CPSWyndeven (H)Riff Tree (Girl Scout Cookies x {Sour Garlic Cookies x i95})Read More
Xenoden (I)CPSXenoden (I)Great White KushRead More
Zelavec (S)CPSZelavec (S)Super Sour DieselRead More
Zephyrden (S)CPSZephyrden (S)ZephyrRead More
Zokalex (H)CPSZokalex (H)ZookiesRead More
Agate (H)CuraleafAgate (H)Chem DawgRead More
Alexandrite (I)CuraleafAlexandrite (I)Indica PrincessRead More
Amarillo (CBD)CuraleafAmarillo (CBD)OttoRead More
Amethyst (I)CuraleafAmethyst (I)GrandDaddy PurpleRead More
Aquamarine (H)CuraleafAquamarine (H)Kiwi Candy (Mai Tai x Apple Fritter)Read More
Auburn (H)CuraleafAuburn (H)Apple Tartz (Runtz x Apple Fritter)Read More
Avior (H)CuraleafAvior (H)Apes in Space (Falcon 9 x Grease Monkey)Read More
Azul (H)CuraleafAzul (H)Blue MoonRead More
Bellatrix (I)CuraleafBellatrix (I)SlapzRead More
Belo (H)CuraleafBelo (H)GelonadeRead More
Betria (H)CuraleafBetria (H)Wet Betty - Gushers x Grease MonkeyRead More
Bianca (CBD)CuraleafBianca (CBD)Canna-TsuRead More
Black (I)CuraleafBlack (I)Rare DarknessRead More
Blue (S)CuraleafBlue (S)Blue DreamRead More
Bronze (H)CuraleafBronze (H)Nigerian HazeRead More
Capella (I)CuraleafCapella (I)CarmelitaRead More
Capsite (H)CuraleafCapsite (H)GushersRead More
Celadon (H)CuraleafCeladon (H)Oil Blend: 70% Citron (Snow Dog) / 30% Sapphire (Cherry Thunder F)Read More
Celestine (I)CuraleafCelestine (I)Slippery SusanRead More
Cerise (H)CuraleafCerise (H)Chem Dawg x I95Read More
Cerulean (I)CuraleafCerulean (I)Divided Sky (Phish Head OG x Skywalker OG)Read More
Citron (S)CuraleafCitron (S)Snow DogRead More
Clarett (H)CuraleafClarett (H)Cali OG KushRead More
Coral (S)CuraleafCoral (S)DaywreckerRead More
Cyan (CBD)CuraleafCyan (CBD)VCDC (Viper City X ACDC)Read More
Emerald (S)CuraleafEmerald (S)Ghost Train HazeRead More
Emerald Rainbow (S)CuraleafEmerald Rainbow (S)Ghost Train Haze x CBD StrainsRead More
Fuchsia (H)CuraleafFuchsia (H)Guava GelatoRead More
Ganan (I)CuraleafGanan (I)GlaciersRead More
Garnet (I)CuraleafGarnet (I)Wappa (Phenotype #1)Read More
Gatria (H)CuraleafGatria (H)Ghost RiderRead More
Godina (I)CuraleafGodina (I)God's GiftRead More
Gold (S)CuraleafGold (S)Sour DieselRead More
Graffias (S)CuraleafGraffias (S)GrapefruitRead More
Granite (H)CuraleafGranite (H)Jack Herer x WappaRead More
Graphite (H)CuraleafGraphite (H)MotorbreathRead More
Green (S)CuraleafGreen (S)Humboldt Sour DieselRead More
HH Pink (CBD)CuraleafHH Pink (CBD)Haleigh's Hope (Lower THC this batch)Read More
HH Red (CBD)CuraleafHH Red (CBD)Haleigh’s HopeRead More
Harmonite (H)CuraleafHarmonite (H)Ray CharlesRead More
Hazel (S)CuraleafHazel (S)Ghost Train HazeRead More
Indigo (H)CuraleafIndigo (H)Blueberry SilvertipRead More
Ivory (I)CuraleafIvory (I)GMO CookiesRead More
Jade (S)CuraleafJade (S)Jack HererRead More
Jasper (H)CuraleafJasper (H)Citral Glue (Citral Skunk x Originial Glue (GG4))Read More
Kaveh (S)CuraleafKaveh (S)GuavaRead More
Kingite (I)CuraleafKingite (I)Kings StashRead More
Koit (I)CuraleafKoit (I)Ice Cream CakeRead More
Kyanite (H)CuraleafKyanite (H)Royal Kush (Skunk #1 x Afghani Indica Landrace)Read More
Labradorite (H)CuraleafLabradorite (H)Apple FritterRead More
Lapis (H)CuraleafLapis (H)Tahoe OG Kush x BlueberryRead More
Larimar (I)CuraleafLarimar (I)Blueberry MuffinRead More
Lavender (I)CuraleafLavender (I)LavenderRead More
Lerna (S)CuraleafLerna (S)Lemon GrenadeRead More
Limone (S)CuraleafLimone (S)Chem 4Read More
Lolite (H)CuraleafLolite (H)Tarts (Grease Monkey x Wojo Mints)Read More
Lumen (I)CuraleafLumen (I)Northern LightsRead More
Malachite (I)CuraleafMalachite (I)MK UltraRead More
Mica (H)CuraleafMica (H)Wedding CakeRead More
Minium (I)CuraleafMinium (I)Kush MintsRead More
Mundite (SH)CuraleafMundite (SH)Cowboy Lemonade (Lemonge x Maitai #4)Read More
Navy (H)CuraleafNavy (H)Peanut Butter Breath (Mendo Breath x Do-si-do)Read More
Novakite (S)CuraleafNovakite (S)NovarineRead More
Okulo (I)CuraleafOkulo (I)GelatoRead More
Olivine (H)CuraleafOlivine (H)Skywalker OGRead More
Onyx (I)CuraleafOnyx (I)Death StarRead More
Pastel (H)CuraleafPastel (H)Pink Ranger (MAC x Watermelon Zkittlez)Read More
Periwinkle (H)CuraleafPeriwinkle (H)Pyxy Styx Pheno of Wedding Pie (Wedding Cake x Grape Pie)Read More
Pewter (I)CuraleafPewter (I)Grease MonkeyRead More
Prismanite (S)CuraleafPrismanite (S)Pina GrandeRead More
Purple (H)CuraleafPurple (H)Girl Scout CookieRead More
Rainbow (S)CuraleafRainbow (S)Sour Diesel × CBD strainsRead More
Rana (H)CuraleafRana (H)Rainbow BeltsRead More
Ray CharlesCuraleafRay CharlesHarmonite (H)Read More
Razzin (H)CuraleafRazzin (H)Razberry ParfaitRead More
Ruby (I)CuraleafRuby (I)Forbidden FruitRead More
Sable (I)CuraleafSable (I)XXX OG (OG Kush x XXX)Read More
Sapphire (H)CuraleafSapphire (H)Cherry Thunder FRead More
Sarist (H)CuraleafSarist (H)Tropical StormRead More
Scarlett (S)CuraleafScarlett (S)Strawberry CoughRead More
Selenite (I)CuraleafSelenite (I)Special SauceRead More
Sepia (H)CuraleafSepia (H)Bittersweet (GMO x Maitai #4)Read More
Shortite (H)CuraleafShortite (H)Sunset ShortcakeRead More
Sienna (H)CuraleafSienna (H)Sideshow (Bay Exclusive OG x OG Kush Breath)Read More
Silver (H)CuraleafSilver (H)Silverback (Grandaddy Purple x Super Silver Haze)Read More
Skylinite (I)CuraleafSkylinite (I)Skywalker OGRead More
Slate (I)CuraleafSlate (I)True OGRead More
Spinel (S)CuraleafSpinel (S)ClementineRead More
Sunglow (S)CuraleafSunglow (S)Lemon Haze x CBD StrainsRead More
Sunlight (S)CuraleafSunlight (S)HazeRead More
Sunrise (CBD)CuraleafSunrise (CBD)RemedyRead More
Teal (H)CuraleafTeal (H)Mint Smash (Animal Mints x Mai Tai)Read More
Tevel (I)CuraleafTevel (I)True OGRead More
Tourmaline (I)CuraleafTourmaline (I)Bithday CakeRead More
Travertine (H)CuraleafTravertine (H)Truffula Tree (Cookie Monster X Candy Kush)Read More
Tritium (I)CuraleafTritium (I)Motor BreathRead More
Tucana (S)CuraleafTucana (S)MimosaRead More
Tyl (S)CuraleafTyl (S)TiffanyRead More
Umber (H)CuraleafUmber (H)Star DawgRead More
Variolite (H)CuraleafVariolite (H)Blue Dream x Rare DarknessRead More
Vellan (H)CuraleafVellan (H)Golden TicketRead More
Vermilion (H)CuraleafVermilion (H)Banana OGRead More
Violet (I)CuraleafViolet (I)Tres DogRead More
Wezen (I)CuraleafWezen (I)White RuntzRead More
Yellow (S)CuraleafYellow (S)Lemon HazeRead More
Zircon (CBD)CuraleafZircon (CBD)CBD MangoRead More
ACBD (CBD)TheraplantACBD (CBD)ACDCRead More
Ackona (I)TheraplantAckona (I)Black Domina x Tahoe AlienRead More
Akenocet (H)TheraplantAkenocet (H)Tangerine Haze x Tahoe AlienRead More
Alotiva (S)TheraplantAlotiva (S)Sour Hulk (ECSD x Tangerine Haze x Bruce Banner)Read More
Aniva (S)TheraplantAniva (S)Colorado FloRead More
Apalacept (I)TheraplantApalacept (I)Tutti Fruiti x Blueberry x Bubba KushRead More
Apolliva (S)TheraplantApolliva (S)Buzzed Aldren (1976 Highland Thai x 1971 Kandahar Afghan x Killer Malawi)Read More
Apritath (I)TheraplantApritath (I)Purple Urkle × White FireRead More
Aquacept (S)TheraplantAquacept (S)Electric Lemon G & Pineapple Fields & (East Coast Sour Diesel × Tangerine Haze)Read More
Avengiva (S)TheraplantAvengiva (S)Sour Hulk (Original Sour Diesel x Bruce Banner)Read More
Bablica (I)TheraplantBablica (I)Neapolitan Space CreamRead More
Balinica (I) (Formerly CannabisIndica 2.0)TheraplantBalinica (I) (Formerly CannabisIndica 2.0)Grape Ape x UK ChemRead More
Baniva (S)TheraplantBaniva (S)Hulk Dog (Colorado Flo x Stardawg x Bruce Banner 2.0)Read More
Belvalix (I)TheraplantBelvalix (I)Candy Chem × Super Skunk Deep ChunkRead More
Bentobrid (H)TheraplantBentobrid (H)California Roll (Salmon River OG x Cali Sour D)Read More
Biscay (S) (Formerly CannabisSativa 1.0)TheraplantBiscay (S) (Formerly CannabisSativa 1.0)Electric Lemon GRead More
Bluffsica (I)TheraplantBluffsica (I)Blueberry MuffinRead More
Brandica (I)TheraplantBrandica (I)Blackberry CheesecakeRead More
Carabrid (H)TheraplantCarabrid (H)Cali Patch Kids (Caramel Candy Kush x California Sour Diesel)Read More
Catica (I)TheraplantCatica (I)Girl Scout Cookies x Faceoff OGRead More
Celenatone (I)TheraplantCelenatone (I)Caramel Candy Kush x Diamond Valley OG x Bubba KushRead More
Charudine (S)TheraplantCharudine (S)East Coast Sour Diesel x Tang Haze + AK47 x Chem Dawg + Tang Haze x Chem Dawg + Mob Boss x Chem Dawg + Carmel Candy KushRead More
Churliva (S)TheraplantChurliva (S)InzaneRead More
Cindiva (S)TheraplantCindiva (S)Blue Cindy (Cinderella 99 x Blue Dream)Read More
Dahnva (S)TheraplantDahnva (S)Colombian GoldRead More
Daxotone (I)TheraplantDaxotone (I)Blueberry x StarfighterRead More
Daybrid (H)TheraplantDaybrid (H)Golden Girls (Girl Scout Cookies x Colombian Gold)Read More
Deeziva (S)TheraplantDeeziva (S)Cali Sour DieselRead More
Derba (I)TheraplantDerba (I)Blueberry Purple Kush x Bubba Purple KushRead More
Dogbrid (H)TheraplantDogbrid (H)Dog Mountain (Chem 4 x Skwurkiller)Read More
Dysisica (I)TheraplantDysisica (I)Pineapple × Blueberry × Purple KushRead More
Egbrid (H)TheraplantEgbrid (H)Early Glue RBx1Read More
Elioraca (H)TheraplantElioraca (H)Grape Stomper x Tahoe BxRead More
Eloralix (H)TheraplantEloralix (H)Mob Boss x Chem DawgRead More
Emikovir (S)TheraplantEmikovir (S)East Coast Sour Diesel x (Tangerine Haze x Emerald Jack x Triangular Kush) x HazeRead More
Fedalgo (H)TheraplantFedalgo (H)Flo x Chem DawgRead More
Flavica (I)TheraplantFlavica (I)Purple Buddha x Girl Scout CookiesRead More
Gamilane (H)TheraplantGamilane (H)Aj's Sour Diesel x The WhiteRead More
Ghanica (I)TheraplantGhanica (I)Purple Afghan KushRead More
Gratica (I)TheraplantGratica (I)Grateful Breath (Joseph OG x OG Kush Breath)Read More
Gruva (S)TheraplantGruva (S)Citrus Sap (Gorilla Glue #4 x Tangerine)Read More
Gwyniva (H)TheraplantGwyniva (H)Aj's Sour Diesel x The WhiteRead More
Haracept (I)TheraplantHaracept (I)The Hog (Hindu Kush × Afghan Kush)Read More
Hauntrica (I)TheraplantHauntrica (I)Haunted Trails (7 Ghosts x Southwest Stomper)Read More
Heladica (I)TheraplantHeladica (I)I-Scream (Haunted Trails x Sundae Dough)Read More
Isacet (I)TheraplantIsacet (I)Diamond Valley OG x White BastardRead More
Jazrica (I)TheraplantJazrica (I)LSD (Mazar I Sharif x Skunk #1)Read More
Jediva (S)TheraplantJediva (S)Green Saber (Durban Walker x Bruce Banner 2.0)Read More
Jehana (I)TheraplantJehana (I)Dawgz WaltzRead More
Jehanose (I)TheraplantJehanose (I)Dawgz Waltz x The WhiteRead More
Jenva (S)TheraplantJenva (S)Durban Walker (Durban Poison x Skywalker OG)Read More
Kedina (H)TheraplantKedina (H)Mob Boss x Chem Dawg + East Coast Sour Diesel x Tangerine Haze + White BastardsRead More
Kentatone (I)TheraplantKentatone (I)White Bastard x (Purple Urkle × White Fire)Read More
Kirica (I)TheraplantKirica (I)Diamond Valley OGRead More
Knobrid (H)TheraplantKnobrid (H)Tibet Knob (Headband x Skwurkiller(Gogi OG x The White))Read More
Loolica (I)TheraplantLoolica (I)Bubba Kush x Chem DawgRead More
Lunacept (I)TheraplantLunacept (I)Caramel Candy Kush & (Pineapple PK × Bubba PK) & White Urkle & (Ortega × Super Skunk Deep Chunk) & White BastardRead More
Luvsica (I)TheraplantLuvsica (I)Jersey Fist Pump (Cherry Pie Sour Double x Cookie Crisp)Read More
Lyndallane (I)TheraplantLyndallane (I)White BastardRead More
Macbrid (H)TheraplantMacbrid (H)MAC V2 (Alien Cookies x Miracle 15)Read More
Mandrica (I)TheraplantMandrica (I)Larry OG Kush x SkywalkerRead More
Maybrid (H)TheraplantMaybrid (H)(Tutti Fruiti x Blueberry x Bubba Kush) x Colombian GoldRead More
Merebrid (H)TheraplantMerebrid (H)White Haze x Hawaiian ChemRead More
Mikalix (I)TheraplantMikalix (I)Tahoe Alien × Alien DawgRead More
Mimatone (H)TheraplantMimatone (H)Agent Orange x Girl Scout Cookies + Tropic Dawg + The White x Colorado FLORead More
Mooniva (S)TheraplantMooniva (S)Moonshine Daze (Moonshine Haze x The Black)Read More
Nanica (I)TheraplantNanica (I)Willies Wonder x Banana KushRead More
Natybrid (H)TheraplantNatybrid (H)Brain OG x Original HazeRead More
Nosbrid (H)TheraplantNosbrid (H)Nos F1Read More
Novabrid (H)TheraplantNovabrid (H)Space Hulk (Neopolitan Space Cream x Bruce Banner 2.0)Read More
Numalix (I)TheraplantNumalix (I)Diamond Valley OG + Bubba Kush x Purple Kush + Candy Chem x Super Skunk/Deep ChunkRead More
Obliva (S)TheraplantObliva (S)Brian OG x Original Haze x Bruce BannerRead More
Ohbrid (H)TheraplantOhbrid (H)White WidowRead More
Orabellose (I)TheraplantOrabellose (I)Ortega × Super Skunk Deep ChunkRead More
Osanalix (I)TheraplantOsanalix (I)Killer Queen x Tahoe Alien BXRead More
PCBD (CBD)TheraplantPCBD (CBD)Purple YMCA x Girl Scout Cookies x Agent OrangeRead More
Pagoti (H)TheraplantPagoti (H)Extensive Hybrid MixRead More
Pandibrid (H)TheraplantPandibrid (H)Time Traveller (Daywreaker x Mendodawg)Read More
Piesiva (S)TheraplantPiesiva (S)Very CherryRead More
Pintsica (I)TheraplantPintsica (I)Hog n Daz (The Hog x Sunday Dough)Read More
Quintica (I)TheraplantQuintica (I)Cold Creek Kush (MK Ultra x Chemdawg 91)Read More
Raekacet (I) (Formerly CannabisIndica 3.0)TheraplantRaekacet (I) (Formerly CannabisIndica 3.0)Bubba Kush 91 × White FireRead More
Ratindica (I)TheraplantRatindica (I)7 GhostsRead More
Rexibrid (H)TheraplantRexibrid (H)Incredible Lemon (Bruce Banner x Lemon Alien OG)Read More
Rivica (I)TheraplantRivica (I)Salomon River OGRead More
Romblica (I)TheraplantRomblica (I)Chocolate ChunkRead More
Rootica (I)TheraplantRootica (I)Root Canal (Caramel Candy Kush x Face Off OG)Read More
Rosica (I)TheraplantRosica (I)Sugar Black RoseRead More
Sanva (S)TheraplantSanva (S)TangieRead More
Satineral (I)TheraplantSatineral (I)Ultra SourRead More
Savoti (S)TheraplantSavoti (S)Extensive Sativa MixRead More
Shanibrid (I)TheraplantShanibrid (I)Wappa (Phenotype #1)Read More
Sherbrid (H)TheraplantSherbrid (H)Mango Sherbet (Mango Kush x Sunset Sherbet)Read More
Sipsica (I)TheraplantSipsica (I)Tutti Fruiti x Blueberry x Pineapple Purple Kush + Pineapple x Blueberry x Purple Kush + White Bastards + Da Bizarre + Diamond Valley OG KushRead More
Sneebrid (H)TheraplantSneebrid (H)Wappa (Phenotype #2)Read More
Solanaca (S)TheraplantSolanaca (S)Tangerine Haze × Chem DawgRead More
Songrica (S)TheraplantSongrica (S)Sour DieselRead More
Soulbrid (H)TheraplantSoulbrid (H)Wandering Soul (ECSD x Southwest Stomper)Read More
Squiblica (I)TheraplantSquiblica (I)Girl Scout CookieRead More
Suchinose (I)TheraplantSuchinose (I)Caramel Candy KushRead More
Sundica (I)TheraplantSundica (I)Sundae Dough (Sundae Driver x DoHo)Read More
Sunva (S)TheraplantSunva (S)Tangie x East Coast Sour DieselRead More
Taffica (I)TheraplantTaffica (I)Affy Taffy (La Affy x Sundae Driver)Read More
Tathracet (I)TheraplantTathracet (I)Diamond Valley OG & Bubba Purple Kush & White BastardRead More
Taytenate (S)TheraplantTaytenate (S)East Coast Sour Diesel x Tangerine HazeRead More
Tellobrid (H)TheraplantTellobrid (H)Donatello (Lemon Skunk x Blueberry Cookies)Read More
Templiva (S)TheraplantTempliva (S)Very Cherry x Wild ThailandRead More
Texibrid (H)TheraplantTexibrid (H)AJ Tex Mex (AJ Sour Diesel x Southwest Stomper)Read More
Thailiva (S)TheraplantThailiva (S)Wild ThailandRead More
Thusobrid (H)TheraplantThusobrid (H)Wappa #3Read More
Tigerbrid (H)TheraplantTigerbrid (H)Early Glue x Wild ThailandRead More
Tomandi (I)TheraplantTomandi (I)Lemon Alien DawgRead More
Truthica (I)TheraplantTruthica (I)True OGRead More
Tuplica (I)TheraplantTuplica (I)AmethystRead More
Tzional (I)TheraplantTzional (I)(Tutti Frutti × Blueberry × Pineapple PK) & Caramel Candy Kush & (Pineapple PK × Bubba Kush)Read More
Ultrica (I)TheraplantUltrica (I)MK Ultra Black Ops (MK Ultra x The Black)Read More
Umbrica (I)TheraplantUmbrica (I)Southwest Stomper (Grape Stomper X Afgooey)Read More
Valedica (I)TheraplantValedica (I)Bubba Kush × Purple KushRead More
Vinziva (S)TheraplantVinziva (S)Triangle Kush x HazeRead More
Waybrid (S)TheraplantWaybrid (S)(Tutti Fruiti x Blueberry x Bubba Kush) x Colombian GoldRead More
Whimgo (I) (Aka Ingadine)TheraplantWhimgo (I) (Aka Ingadine)Da BizzareRead More
Whisprim (I)TheraplantWhisprim (I)Grape Stomper x The WhiteRead More
Whizbrid (H)TheraplantWhizbrid (H)Goat Piss (Stardawg x Cookies n Cream x The Black)Read More
Wintrica (I)TheraplantWintrica (I)Frost BiteRead More
Xinva (S)TheraplantXinva (S)Colorado Flow x (ACDC x Purple YMCA x Agent Orange)Read More
YCBD (CBD)TheraplantYCBD (CBD)Purple YMCARead More
Yotica (I)TheraplantYotica (I)Peyote CookiesRead More
Zainavir (S)TheraplantZainavir (S)Pineapple FieldsRead More
Zerzica (I)TheraplantZerzica (I)Faceoff OGRead More
Zkittibrid (H)TheraplantZkittibrid (H)Cherry GMO ZkittlezRead More
Zonbrid (H)TheraplantZonbrid (H)Green GhostRead More
Zybrid (H)TheraplantZybrid (H)Bluniverse (Blue Magoo x Ms. Universe)Read More

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